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We think , these 10 applications are essential for an Android system. Tell us what you think about that.

If you don’t have time to read all of this reviews and follow all this links we collected all of these apps here just for you.

We hope you will enjoy it.

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Juice Defender

48 hours regular Nexus One always use free of charge. That is what the defender of juice (free) app and partners, Ultimate Juice (€ 2.79, $ 3.76 at the time of this writing) has done for me. The defender juice on hers, is a large approx. With it you can create a profile which will determine the conditions under which your data connection is active and for how long. For example, the simplest configuration to schedule your APN to connect, for example, for one minute every 15 minutes. But there are many more can be done with this software Latedroid. Maybe you want to disable cellular data 2:00-10:00. Why not close down the data when the battery is below 3% of capacity? Maybe you want, these rules are ignored when the monitor is turned on so you can manually update your Gmail account.

Juice defender can facilitate this and much more for you. But if you really want to exploit the potential of the program, you must install the Ultimate Juice, which is really just an app that opens the defender juice reward. When both are installed, you can take all the same rules for Wi-Fi networks to find and remove when they are close to all networks. Sure, you can enable and disable the Wi-Fi Power Control manually using the widget, but do you remember? Really? I do, which is one of the features that make this application so much value for me.

Another great feature of these applications are the widgets, see above. One shows how JuiceDefender battery with a multiplier, and another that shows how much battery life you have left, or when connected, the time to fully charge. Harnessing the first gives the JuiceDefender profile (bottom left) and take advantage of the support that opens the issue of tracer (lower right): An array of battery usage. It is rare rave about any product not classified, but I’m close enough written about these two applications. There are times that he wished the screen saver will result in faster connections, but when that happens, I'm being unreasonable. It takes a few seconds to join a network, and sometimes a small delay has nothing to do with JuiceDefender, to my knowledge.

JuiceDefender Essential Android App packJuicePlotter1 Essential Android App pack

Download the free application, try it for a few minutes, and I think you want the extra features UltimateJuice immediately. I did, and I am more than happy with my purchase. I went from 16 to 48 hours of use with Nexus. Some of you are draining a lot heavier than me, using the phone as a MP3 player all day. But I’m sure you will see a significant improvement in battery life with JuiceDefender, so I recommend this beta killer app.

Advanced Task Manager

Are you a “root” user? Have you customized or “modded” your phone with better performance and functionality? So, you know that behind the scenes there are many things that can slow down your phone down, drain your battery and even cause unnecessary features that are not easily served by the base system Android. Although the stock system the user experience of these dastardly effects, and those that may be difficult to control. Although most problems can be solved with the knowledge of your command line, the easiest solution for a single user, or someone who likes to take the easy way is to use a task manager.

device6 Essential Android App pack

device Essential Android App pack

Well today, we started with Advanced Task Manager for user root by Louisiana Arron Advanced Task Manager is just that, a powerful task manager and advanced. It is prudent to assume that 98% of Android users suffer from power and performance due to applications and processes running constant background. If you are part of that percentile ATM (Advanced Task Manager) is here to rescue! ATM has been around since 1.5 and provides users with a non-api, effective way to control our systems. ATM has been built with tools to manage running applications, monitoring of service management, systems status display and memory usage, application management, and more to come!

Advanced Task Manager lets users keep their systems running, and fast, by controlling the applications and services running at any time by running Linux commands in the background with a touch of a button in a Decent GUI environment.


AndExplorer is a file manager for Android devices. It allows browsing of files and folders stored on the device and SD card. It can be sorted by name, size and date. Rename, delete and create directory functions are available. It is able to decompress ZIP, GZIP and TAR files as well. It is called from another program with facilities for.

Frankly, this type of application will probably not be necessary for the average user. If you are a developer or someone who hacks out there with Android, or just someone who is the organization of files in a lifestyle, then you may want to check this. If you do not have your roots, it is unlikely that you have the complete file structure in the system of internal storage, since most of the directories are protected. In this case, it is probably easier to do most of your editing work through the SD card via a USB connection to your PC.

andexplorer device Essential Android App packandexplorer uncompress file Essential Android App pack

Potential use by date if you are an application developer or hack around with the phone, otherwise it is not likely to be needed often.

Barcode Scanner

Barcode scanning CDs, books and other products, compare prices and reviews, or look up a word in a book and know where he is. You can scan QR codes containing URL, contact information, calendar of events, and more. Features: share contacts, better read the QR code, and adding the Chinese translation.

The good thing about QR code scanning is the wealth of information and customs applicable in many small cryptic messages. QR codes can store the calendar events, contact information, email address, geographic location, phone, SMS, plain text, and URLs. AndroidTapp.com recently added QR codes for each test to Android, so you can download the application from the Android Market.

Youtube app for Android

Now you can download all your favorite YouTube videos on the go, right to your phone (or other Android device) with a single touch. Click on the link of YouTube videos to your browser (or browser built in to YouTube Mobile) and click Download. Soon, the video starts to download in the background. View Download time anytime!

This application simplifies the process of searching and downloading videos from YouTube to your phone Android. YouTube Downloader Android has a search with the results on YouTube’s mobile Web site maintains a list of videos uploaded, and readability in the integrated video player.

youtube downloader open video with options 133x200 Essential Android App packyoutube downloader youtube mobile 133x200 Essential Android App pack

Discovery Channel app for Android

Free with Discovery Channel App you get new videos, news, quizzes, photos, television schedules and more.

App provides options for viewing videos, news clips and photos of various shows on Discovery Channel. You can even take quizzes and see if fav show is looking for a daily news program TV.

NES Emulator app For Android

For $ 1.99, Nesoid opens a whole new world of portable gaming fun on your G1 phone. Not perfect, by any means, but it works easily enough to justify the price-sensitive. See the video above and take the demo of a first rotation and see how you like.

Skype for Android

An official of Skype for Android has been slow in coming, but starting today you can finally start doing all the house of free calls with your WiFi hotel choices combined Google. An exclusive network of Verizon U.S. for a while, it now affects Android Market to everyone today, but we have tested over the last week before publication to find out what that means. Is open platform Android is the perfect tool to strengthen the integration of Skype, or is it the same as every other port so far? Read our reviews and learn in full Android Skype.

Skype offers an Android application is expected to experience, on another platform. You make an international call is a no brainer, but we do not believe that the application needs a few tweaks bug. We hope that Skype will get them immediately, then begins to close integration of the Android dialer. We are waiting patiently for someone to come and remove the phone numbers – rather than the names – in our phone book completely, but judging from this, that day is still distant.

Tunee Music

Look, listen and download MP3 music you want for free search engine with the music side. Amazing music store waiting. Small, fast, easy!

All apps are here so….

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